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We're back and about to undergo our most transformative year yet as we move to our new home in Grand Canal Dock, a location that sends us into a giddy frenzy with the mere thought of fulfilling its potential. The Dublin Tall Ships festival were kind enough to ask us to curate their urban zone so we wholeheartedly seized the opportunity and it begins.....

Some of the more exciting developments for 2012 include:

Yes it is exciting, very exciting......we're currently up the walls prepping everything in our new warehouse which, by the way, you can help to fund, any assistance at all would be hugely appreciated » www.fundit.ie/project/funders/warehouse-space-kings-of-concrete

So in the immediate we have a few callouts to make so listen up:

Nikon Capture Kings:

Our primo film/edit comp the Nikon Capture Kings is back and with a whopper DSLR camera up for grabs amongst other great prizes - so if you think you can cut it then email us at edit@kingsofconcrete.com - check out the flyer here.

Up the Walls:

We shall be transforming the main area of our warehouse space, formerly an old print factory, into an eclectic exhibition space which will run right through the four days of the festival. It's an open call for submissions - check out the blurb here and email exhibit@kingsofconcrete.com

It took us six years to nail wood quay to its fullest potential. We reckon it will take us five years to fully work our magic here and fulfil our vision so in the meantime hold tight, bear with us and enjoy the ride.